Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I Finally Saw "The Dark Knight."

A little while ago, after a particularly satisfying and successful day, I decided to go and see The Dark Knight...after waiting for weeks. Here's what I liked: Heath Ledger. Amazing. As a rather traditional comics fan, I never was much for Jack Nicholson's flawed portrayal of the Joker. But this, this was a whole universe away from that. I loved the freaky and totally unpredictable quality to Ledger's Joker. He deserves a posthumous Oscar for Best Actor. The Watchmen Trailer. Seeing it on the big screen before The Dark Knight was a real treat. I just love that Zack Snyder is helming this film. My favorite graphic novel converted to film by one of my favorite directors. If only Alan Moore would give Zack the props he deserves. Here's what I didn't like: The film. I was about as nonplussed about The Dark Knight as I was about Batman Begins. They both just didn't do much for me. There is still not a film that has done The Batman justice. That's right The Batman. The creature of the night. The being that really strikes fear into the heart of crime, just like The Shadow did. The anti-hero that doesn't care about upholding the law, his law, in nontraditional ways.

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