Friday, August 08, 2008

Dean Ween's "Sunday Sauce."

What is your favorite meal? Mine would have to be what I grew up on living in New Jersey and that is the traditional Italian macaroni dinner. I still live in New Jersey (I have also lived elsewhere) and I still occasionally make myself that big hunkin' Sunday meal. And it usually lasts me a week, it's so much food. Anyway, I was cruising recently to see what's up with one of my favorite bands and I found Dean (Mickey Melchiondo) Ween's recipe for "Sunday Sauce." His recipe basically matches our family's recipe for the same meal. Practically all of us in Jersey cook this the same way. Kudos to Mickey for putting it all down on the site, with all of the great pictures and Melchiondo wit. Excellent stuff. Treat yourself and try his recipe out. You'll never have a better Sunday meal. (I took that photo of Mickey when Ween was performing at the Stone Pony back in the summer of 2003)

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