Sunday, June 28, 2009

3.2 Tauren Druid Forms - WoW PTR

Hi all! We WoW Druids are very excited for the next WoW patch because it will bring brand new Bear and Cat forms! In this video a player on the Public Test Realm shows us all of the different forms for the Tauren Druid.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Summer Movie Weekend: Land of the Lost

Back again folks with another summer movie review. Land of the Lost, based upon one of my favorite Saturday morning sci-fi shows from the 1970's evolves into a full-length movie. I'm usually pretty obsessive about not messing with the canon of stuff like this, but I liked this movie even though there were plenty of changes. Still there is the cheesy, campy goodness, along with original series in-jokes aplenty. It was a lot of fun. There were several lol scenes. If you are going to see it, don't forget to stick around through the credits for a pivotal final scene! You can watch the first season of the original Land of the Lost TV series from 1974 on Hulu here.

Comic Shop Goodness

day 245, lazy Labor DayImage by massdistraction via Flickr

First off, a shout out to Stormwatch Comics in West Berlin, NJ. I headed there today for a visit and came away with several items. I was overjoyed to find The Sword #14 and 17, the back issue I was missing and the newest issue respectively. Now I can sit down and read #14 to 17 straight through and get all caught up! The new Batman and Robin series started this week, by All-Star Superman creative team Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. The first issue is so good. One of my favorite comics creators, John Byrne, is doing a Star Trek mini-series, so I had to pick up the first couple issues of that. Finally, one of the best give-aways ever is the Marvel Reading Chronology 2009. It shows you the order in which to read the major trade paperback and hardcover graphic novel releases categorized by Marvel character. Simple yes, but it is nice to see it all laid out. Kudos to Stormwatch Comics, a great comic book store that I will be returning to soon!

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