Wednesday, January 26, 2005

WoW Notes

If you play World of Warcraft here are two items to take note of: 1) The absolute best World of Warcraft database is Want to know more about a quest? It's there. Can't seem to find that NPC that you have to deliver a quest to? Look it up. Want to know the location of nearly anything in the game? There are maps that will give you the precise location. So, the next time you are stumped in the game and the strategy guide isn't giving you enough information, alt-tab out the game and bring up thottbot. 2) The Official Legendary Dogs of War Website is up and running! If you are a guild member, please contribute to the forum!

Star Trek: TOS DVDs

One of my favorite TV series of all time is Star Trek: The Original Series. Originally broadcast during the 1960's, I watched all of the episodes in their original airings on NBC. Now, the three seasons of Star Trek have been released in DVD sets that are absolutely essential to your collection. The episodes are in great condition, the sound is better than ever in 5.1 and there are loads of extras.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Best Things in Life: 2005

So, with the New Year upon us, let's take this opportunity to take stock of the things that we are thankful for. What are some of the best things in life for me right now? World of Warcraft, Optimum Online, Baja Fresh, Lost, Star Trek: The Original Series: Seasons 1- 3 on DVD, 6.25 GB of MP3s on 2 DVD's, The Jersey Shore, Hinck's Turkey Farm and Rolling Rock.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Happy New Year!

Hey, Happy New Year 2005 y'all! Thanks to all of you who continued to religiously come back to the site even though I would only sporadically post new stuff. 2004 was a pretty good year! I did manage to post a lot of stuff between April and November. I will continue to post stuff during 2005 which, incidentally, is the 5 year anniversary of! That's right! I have something cool planned for the anniversary date, so stay tuned! Back again soon!