Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sin City is Coming!

Comic book fans will tell you about the disappointed felt when their favorite titles and characters are brought to the big screen. What usually happens is that the director's vision does not match that of the original writer/artist or the studios change the property to match what they think their audience wants. One upcoming movie is about to change the way that comics make their way to film. Robert Rodriquez (Desperado, Spy Kids) is making a film based upon Frank Miller's gritty film noir graphic novel Sin City. In order to insure that the film is not an adaptation but a true translation of the graphic novel, Rodriquez has defied expectations and made Miller the co-director of the film. In addition, they are comparing the scenes as they are filmed to Miller's original graphic novel panel by panel to make sure than they are representing the work accurately. The result will more than likely be the most accurate film translation ever of a graphic novel/comic book. So, try this experiment: Read the first Sin City graphic novel and watch the Sin City movie trailer. Then do what I'm going to do on opening day April 1, 2005: go and revel in an incredibly accurate, literal adaptation of one of the best graphic novels of the last 20 years. No April Fool here; this will be history in the making.