Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pop Culture References In World of Warcraft

Everyone reading this probably knows that I like two things: Popular Culture and World of Warcraft. Is it any surprise then that World of Warcraft is filled with pop culture references? Here is the (nearly) entire list of those references, courtesy of the fine folks at Blizzplanet.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Neq Wins STV Fishing Tournament!

Today my World of Warcraft Druid Neq won the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament! She chose the coveted prize Arcanite Fishing Pole. Congratulations Neq!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

World of Warcraft Talent Calculator

I found a nifty online tool that can be used to experiment with World of Warcraft class talent builds. This tool can also be used to share builds with your friends. Go here or use the link in the right column of the front page of my blog to get there anytime!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Billie Piper Quits Dr. Who!

Yes, apparently it's true and confirmed by the BBC: Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) will quit Dr. Who at the end of the current British season (her second). Read about it here from Sci-Fi. And, here's the official BBC statement. Yes, that was a massive sob you just heard from the assembled Dr. Who fandom. :(

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taking a Break From Questing...

Here we see Neq taking a break from all of that questing and spending a quiet afternoon fishing at the Stagnant Oasis in The Barrens. The ever narcoleptic Panda Cub snoozes beside her. Fishing is a secondary profession in World of Warcraft but Neq treats it like a serious addiction. Blue Overalls by Twiddley and sandals by Halston. Click on the image for a closer look at this lazy Sunday afternoon!

Monday, June 12, 2006

That Old Pair of Jeans

New Fatboy Slim! Check out the new single "That Old Pair of Jeans" off the upcoming Fatboy Slim: The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder? The CD will be in stores next week, Tuesday, June 20th!

Neq Catches Three Rare Fish in 6/11 Fishing Tournament!

In a stunning turn of events, my level 50 Druid Neq took part in the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament on June 11th and caught three (count 'em: three) rare fishes! For catching two Keefer's Angelfish, Neq got two Lucky Fishing Hats! She also caught a Denzian Queenfish and for that got the High Test Eternium Fishing Line prize. So, Neq has yet to win the tournament, but is getting close!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dr. Who Regenerates Once Again!

Last night, in the very cool 2005 season finale, Dr. Who regenerated for the 10th time right in front of his female companion, Rose Tyler. Kudos to Christopher Eccleston who did such a great job portraying the Doctor during the 2005 season. But, he is now gone and taking his place will be new Doctor David Tennant, who I understand has been a big Dr. Who fan his whole life! The new 2006 episodes have already begun to be broadcast on BBCTV in England and will soon be shown here in the US. Billie Piper remains as Rose Tyler, much to the delight of Dr. Who fans! New to Dr. Who? Check out the BBC's Beginner's Guide to Dr. Who here!

Ain't It Cool News

Here is a shout out to one of the best sites for gossipy news about movies, TV and comics: Ain't It Cool News. Harry Knowles does a great and entertaining job keeping us all up-to-date on the stuff we can't live without.

Pee Wee's Playhouse Comes to Adult Swim

The wait is over! Cartoon Network's Adult Swim will begin rerunning Pee Wee's Playhouse on July 10th!

World of Warcraft Free Trial

Yes, I am a huckster. Yes, I want you to try World of Worldcraft...for free. Yes, I want you to join my characters Neq, Twiddley or Devildog on the Khadgar server. Yes, you can download the WoW demo here and play it for free for 10 days.

NJ Housecat Chases Black Bear Up a Tree...Twice!

Check out this news story, proving that even the pets here in New Jersey are truly fearless!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Sights, Sounds and Games!

Here's what I'm listening to and watching this weekend!

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - It's been awhile since I saw this last. HBO Z showed it after Carnivale last night (making it a double-shot of Michael J. Anderson!!). Very creepy flick detailing the final days of Laura Palmer before her murder and the perfect lead-in the the Twin Peaks TV series. Directed by the man himself, David Lynch, and perfectly typical of him, with his flourishes displayed heavy. If you like Lynch, then this is pure nirvana. It even had moments that reminded me of my favorite film of Lynch's, Eraserhead. But that's another story...
  • Bee Gees - Their Greatest Hits: The Record - To look back on the Bee Gess is to examine major popular music trends of the 1960's through the new millenium. No other group was able to ride three separate eras of success in pop music like the Bee Gees did. When you experience this superb two-CD best of set, you get to look at that whole expanse...and realize just how important they were to popular culture as well as music.
  • The Office (NBC): Last Thursday, NBC reran 4 episodes of this awesome comedy series. this has to be one of the best TV series...I love it. Based upon a popular, if short run, British TV series of the same name, it is totally Americanized, but is now just starting to take different paths from it's namesake from across the ocean. Exciting stuff!
  • World of Warcraft - Of course. When am I not playing this game? This weekend, I will be continuing to level Neq the Druid (level 47). I hope to level her to 300 in fishing in preparation for Sunday's Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Tournament. Last Sunday, she came within 5 fish of winning the grand prize! woot!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Favorite Books - Pt. 1: My Side of the Mountain

Thus begins a series of entries that will ultimately culminate with a page on DavidLisa.com devoted to my favorite books of all time. First up: My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George. This is one of the books that started me on a lifetime of reading. I read it at a very early age, back in the early 1960's. The events in the book have stayed with me since then. The story concerns a boy, Sam Gribley, who lives in the Catskill Mountains wilderness, alone in a carved out tree. It is a classic story of survival, struggle and self-sufficiency. It really taught me many things about resourcefulness...much of which I remember today. This was a Newberry Honor Book. I was delighted to see that, some 30 years after the appearance of the original book, the author wrote a sequel and other books about the main characters.