Saturday, September 11, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

One of my favorite films, ever. Totally different from anything you have ever seen, period. There is a little of Napoleon in all of us. All of the characters in the film are just so completely skewed as to be totally different from any other characters you have ever encountered before!

As an Elvis Costello fan, I was curious about this you know why? But after seeing it, I forgot about that odd cooincidence. I saw ND for the first time in good 'ol Red Bank on June 27, 2004.

Second viewing (Aug. 23): This time I saw it in Aberdeen. First time to the theatre. I loved seeing ND for a second time, but I was disappointed that this theatre did not show the new version with the added footage at the end. Boo Aberdeen Strathmere Theatre! Still it was very refreshing seeing this film again and it gets better every time I see it. Upon this viewing, Napoleon Dynamite becomes my favorite movie of the Summer of 2004.

Third viewing (Sept. 11): Napoleon finally hits the Monmouth Mall Loews. This time it was every bit as good as the previous two viewings, with the added joy of the spectactular extra footage at the end of the film, tagged on for the wider release. At last! In the addendum, let's just say that some unlikely duo gets married and the entire gang from the film (in addition to Tina the Llama) is there to witness the event. One major character from the film rides into the ceremony triumphantly on a galloping horse!! It's just too good and a wonderful treat for those of us who had seen the film previously without the new footage. Sweet with a capital "S!"

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