Friday, September 17, 2004

Post-Stress Test World of Warcraft Withdrawal

World of Warcraft withdrawal has set in. Ever since the Stress Test Beta ended last week, I've been searching for another game to occupy my time before WoW's actual release completely destroys whatever remnants of a social life that I still have left. I think that I've found it. Doom 3. I completely loved the original Doom and Doom II and those games and others like Rise of the Triad and Heretic completely transformed my viewpoint of videogaming and began my preoccupation with PC gaming. That was back in 1994. Since then, PC gaming has become one of my favorite time-wasters and I have played many, many different games. I've worked in PC gaming retail. I've built PCs specifically designed for PC gaming. I grew from gaming over a 56K modem (or slower!) up to today's standard of Internet play over a broadband connection. Its been a long fun road and Doom 3 is a wonderful culmination of all of those years. It's almost like we spent 10 years training for this. Doom 3 is a supreme first person shooter sporting the most sophisticated graphics of any PC game yet produced. In fact, it's so advanced that the hardware doesn't exist yet that can push the upper limits of what the game is capable of. Mind blowing. Yet, all of us are in the process of upgrading our rigs in order to be able to have the best possible 2004 Doom 3 experience. A new videocard here, an upgraded motherboard and processor there.

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