Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Fishing Diplomat

A gnome in Orgrimmar? Yes! As part of the new World of Warcraft phasing technology, it is possible to to "instance" quests. When doing the quest Fate, Up Against Your Will, Alliance players journey to Orgrimmar, one of the main Horde cities, with Jaina Proudmore on a diplomatic mission to meet and talk with Thrall, the Orc leader. At the start of the quest, Jaina opens a portal in Stormwind which you and Jaina pass through, depositing you into Thrall's chamber in Orgrimmar. From there, you complete the quest and port back to Stormwind. However, while there you are neither attacked nor do go PvP, as you would normally do when entering another faction's city. I am taking advantage of this undisturbed presence in Orgimmar to finish a couple of achievements, The Fishing Diplomat and Old Crafty. These achievements would be extremely difficult to accomplish otherwise. Click on the picture for a closer look!

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