Friday, October 03, 2008

The Return to Khadgar

I have wandered around from realm to realm in World of Warcraft, just as I have moved from place to place in real life. I do this because I am an inveterate explorer and...I get bored easily. Recently I decided to transfer one of my characters, Twiddley the Gnome mage, back to Khadgar, the realm I started out on at the dawn of WoW in November 2004. In the process, Twiddley morphed into Atoz, due to naming conventions. All hail Atoz the Gnome frost mage! It's nice to be back on Khadgar and I'm thinking that I never should have transferred off when the realm was having lag and queuing problems. These problems have since disappeared and the population of the realm is almost always "medium" during prime time. Atoz is looking forward to questing through the Wrath of the Lich King content next month with his friend, the Night Elf rogue Pagandog, both original members of one of the first World of Warcraft guilds on Khadgar, The Legendary Dogs of War.

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