Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Plug by Koss

After much trial and experimentation, I have finally found the ultimate earbud headphones for a portable audio device. Witness The Plug by our good friends at Koss. First a little history on Koss. The company was founded in 1953 and, according to history, they were the first to invent the stereo headphone (oddly enough, when they were trying to develop a portable record player for retail). I discovered Koss in the 1970's, when I bought a pair of high-end headphones (with liquid-filled ear cushions!) from Radio Shack and eventually found out that they were manufactured by Koss. I have since learned that Koss had a long-standing relationship with Radio Shack and many of the headphones sold by Radio Shack in the past were made by Koss. I have since bought many pairs of headphones from Koss not only because of their superb craftsmanship, but because many of their products offer a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty. If they break, just send them back to Koss (with a minimal fee) and they will will either repair or replace them. I'm here to say that they stand by their warranty. And so, we come to The Plug. These are high fidelity earbuds with a squishy, "memory foam"-like cone on each end which, when squished between your fingers and inserted into your ears, will adapt to the shape of your ear canal and provide a nice, tight fit that blocks out background sound. The fidelity that this produces, along with a great bass response, just has to be heard. These little earbuds are great for listening to music on the plane or bus and for exercising because the tight fit makes them less likely to shake out of your ears. Lastly, these little babies are just $14.99 retail. You can get them for substantially less at some retailers. Try them out!

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