Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Exile in Guyville - 15th Anniversary

One of my favorite albums of all time is Exile in Guyville, made by one of my favorite musicians, Liz Phair. Almost to the day of release, Guyville is now 15 years old. Hard to believe. It's back in print as of today, in a new two-disc edition. The second disc is a DVD that includes an 80-minute long "Guyville Revisited" documentary with interviews with people involved in the making of the album and others giving their favorite memories of the album. Here's mine: December 1998. I was living in Clarion, Pa. and was halfway through studying for my MLS at Clarion University. Everyone had ditched the campus between semesters...except for me. I stuck it out by myself, weathered a particularly fierce western Pa. winter, shelved books in the university library for something to do and was just generally lonely. I listened to Liz's Exile in Guyville in its entirety just about every day during that month. I was miserable but her album made it somehow better. The picture at the left is from 2003 when I met Liz at an in-store at Vintage Vinyl here in New Jersey. Click on it for a closer look.

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