Saturday, June 30, 2007

World of Warcraft: Summer #3

I'm doing something a little different this summer: I'm still playing World of Warcraft but now I'm playing Horde! Yes, after leveling exclusively Alliance characters since the introduction of WoW in late 2004, I have FINALLY warmed to the Horde. I chose to make a male Orc Hunter and called him Lorcalon. Lorc currently has a a pet Boar (I tamed Bellygrub in the Redridge Mountains...that was a fun road trip from The Barrens!). This pig's name is, of course, Arnold (never let it be said that I will miss an opportunity to throw in a pop culture reference whenever possible). Lorcalon is the creator and leader of the guild The Misfits on the Trollbane server. Currently at level 30, Lorcalon will probably be my first level 60 Horde character. Who knows? I may even level up an Undead Warlock next. Or maybe a Tauren Shaman. Click on the picture for a closer look at Lorcalon and Arnold!

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