Friday, June 22, 2007


1408 wasn't all that bad, but it wasn't all that good either. I expected more from the movie, I guess. I really like John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson and was excited that they were in this movie. Cusack did a good job and practically the entire movie revolves around him. If you blink, you'll miss Jackson, who's role amounts to a cameo. 1408 did nothing original for me as a horror film. It drudged out the same old cliched horror visuals and pretend shocks. This is not nearly one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations. Carrie and Creepshow still rule.

On a related note, you can tell it's summertime as the dregs of humanity have hit the theaters once again. People of all ages with nothing better to do than ruin other moviegoers' enjoyment with their cell phones and constant, rude undercurrent of chatter throughout the films. Sheesh, is nothing sacred anymore? And the local theater that I went to was not paying attention to the levels in the surround speakers. The volume coming out of the speakers at the rear of the theater were practically equal to the front. And so, the decline of the American movie theater continues...

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