Thursday, August 03, 2006

World of Warcraft: Nearly Two Years On

I've been a big PC gaming fan since the early '90's when a little game called Doom revolutionized how I thought about video games. November 2004 was significant to me because that was the month of the introduction of the massively multiplayer online role playing game World of Warcraft (WoW). I normally have a stable of PC games that I play at any one time, but since that month (nearly two years ago) there has only been one game that I have been playing...and that is WoW. Apparently I'm no different from most fans of the game, as evidenced by this article. The fact that this game is dominating not only PC game sales but the free time of players is no surprise to me. Blizzard's previous games, such as Warcraft II and III, Diablo and Diablo II and Starcraft have been known to have the same affect on players. But never to this extent! Apparently fans are so pleased with the game that they are not buying other competing games and continuing to play WoW. Yes, that is exactly what is happening with me...not only do I find the game totally satisfying, but I consider it a good value and a logical way to spend my entertainment dollar. I don't expect this situation to change for a long time...or at least until Blizzard releases its next PC game. :)

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