Friday, February 07, 2003


Back on October 23rd (check entry below), I mentioned that shooting had wrapped on the remake of the 1971 horror film classic Willard. The release date for the film is now March 14th, not too far away. Check out the web site for the movie and you can see the trailer, download images and desktops, get a synopsis of the story and check out still photos from the film. Looks like fans of the original film (like me!) are not going to be disappointed, since the look and feel of the original has been retained, accompanied by an injection of current horror techniques and sensibilities. The trailer is awesome and Crispin Glover looks to be perfectly cast as Willard, a downtrodded misfit who takes revenge on his enemies with his legions of pet rats!. As a long-time horror film fan, it really pleases me to see this property handled right by New Line. This is going to be a downright creepy and fun flick! Tear 'em up!

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