Sunday, January 21, 2001

Upcoming Game Releases

There are three upcoming PC game releases that are very high on my list of most-looked-forward-to items. What are they?

Duke Nukem Forever: It's been far too long since we had more fun than was humanly possible Dukematching in Duke Nukem 3D. Although information is spotty, it seems that Duke Nukem Forever, the newest Duke Nukem first person shooter from 3D Realms, will be released within the year. Since it is based upon the Unreal Tournament engine, you know that I am super excited. To be able to mix it up with the Dukester in a UT environment is like a dream come true. Check out Dukeworld and this Duke Nukem Forever FAQ for more information. "Hail To The King, Baby!" (Duke Nukem graphic is © 3D Realms)

Diablo II Expansion: I love Diablo II and have spent many, many hours since it's release in June 2000 roaming the world of Sanctuary hacking and slashing my way through hoardes of baddies.

Blizzard's upcoming D2 expansion will add an all-new Act V and two new character types, in addition to lots of new weapons and monsters. There will also be new recipes for my favorite transmutor, the legendary Horadric Cube. Ah, if only such a thing existed in Real Life®.

At any rate, the D2 expansion will insure many hours of dedicated play taking characters that have already completed D2 through the new act. Then, we'll play with the new characters and work them through the entire game and experience it anew!

Looks like we'll see the D2 expansion before Duke, but that's OK. I'll be there for both. (Diablo II graphic is © Blizzard Entertainment)

WarCraft III: WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness was classic RTS gaming. Talk about spending hours upon hours hooked up with other folks over a modem in multiplayer games! WarCraft III will be an advanced version of II, and the first Blizzard game to take full advantage of 3D video technology. It will add several new races to the battle between the Orcs and the Humans, and the reaces that have been announced so far look very exciting! The fact that Blizzard will keep the "classic" RTS look of WarCraft II is very pleasing to me!

Looks like we might get this game during the latter half of 2001 from Blizzard. I'll be first in line.

So, these are the upcoming games that I keep my system upgraded for. Upon release of any of these three games, I will say goodbye to daylight, civilized society, and significant other (if such a thing exists by that time), and devote my life to experiencing these games.

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