Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Technology Tapas: Dessert

Over the last several weeks, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the New Jersey State Library's Technology Tapas. Not only did I have an opportunity to explore some areas of technology that I have not looked at before but I was able to revisit technology that is familiar to me in new ways. Here are my final comments on the TT experience:

One of my favorite Tapas activities was working with Flickr. I have had my free Flickr account for years, but I tried utilizing it in a new way. I downloaded and installed an iPhone app called Flickit to post pictures taken with the phone directly to Flickr. This method proved so convenient to me that I decided to purchase a Flickr Pro account. This was an unexpected, positive outcome of the program!

In terms of my lifelong learning activities, I already knew that I embrace technology in order to accomplish professional and personal goals. The TT experience reinforced that. TT has also helped me realize that technology can be utilized to make one more comfortable with unfamiliar topics and professional challenges.

Everyone involved in the institution of Technology Tapas deserves praise for this worthwhile program. Andrea Simzak and Bob Keith did a great job administering and managing it. The New Jersey State Library's support of technology in the professional development of its employees is a great model for other organizations. If this program were to be offered again, I would certainly participate.

Thanks for a great experience!

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