Friday, April 24, 2009

Technology Tapas: Flickr

Flickr is a photo storage tool that I have utilized for many years, almost since its introduction! I store photos and graphics there so I have access to them whenever I need them. I use Flickr for other purposes. I link to the graphics that I have stored there when I use them as a website graphic or when I send someone a link to a photo.

I also use Flickr as a first stop depository for my mobile photography. So, on my iPhone, I use the app Flickit not only to upload my photos taken with the iPhone, but to tag and write descriptions of them before uploading. I can then link to the photos when sharing them on Facebook.

Flickr is also very important to me as a creative control service. I can share my original photos publicly or apply as much access control as I desire. Lastly, Flickr is also a great way to search for copyright-free photos to use on websites or blogs. This has been useful to me when creating and maintaining my own website and library websites. Flickr is one of the most used applications in my Web 2.0 toolbox.

I took the photos above with my iPhone at NJSL for the Technology Tapas project. They are tagged NJSLTT.

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