Saturday, November 29, 2008

After King Kong Fell

If, like me, you lived in the tri-state area and you are a fan of gigantic apes that rampage through metropolitan areas and eventually fall to their deaths from Empire State Buildings, then you probably already know that King Kong is a Thanksgiving tradition around here. Our friends at Monsters HD remembered this too and gave us a heaping helping of King Kong yesterday, alas, a day late, but hey, who's counting? MHD is making sure that we see the original 1933 King Kong often and in HD. That's fine with me, because in the pantheon of classic horror films, the original King Kong is one that I can view time and time again. My spine still tingles when Ann Darrow screams for Carl Denholm the first time on the ship, purporting bad events to come when she is taken away by the giant ape. I followed up my Nth viewing of King Kong by reading Philip Jose Farmer's short story "After King Kong Fell." It's a great story of what might happen if the events chronicled in the movie had actually occured, and their effect on a young boy who tells the story to his granddaughter in later years. It was a great conclusion to another Thanksgiving dominated by the Eight Wonder of the World.

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Bill said...

Dave, let me put your mind at ease. After King Kong fell, THEY ATE HIM. I'm telling you, from the first time they set eyes on him, the only thought on their minds was, "BUFFET!!!!!!"