Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Encounter at Forge Base Gehenna

Nether-Stalker Nauthus peered at Neq. They both stood high atop the Stormspire in the eco-dome, where lush plants flourished and birds soared, chasing their buzzing insect prey. Outside the dome, the barren, moon-like landscape crumbled against the electrically-charged atmosphere and lightning bolts arced from mountain to mountain. The druid Neq sought to translate the look on Nauthus' face. As a member of The Consortium, Nauthus must have a good reason for requesting her help, Neq thought to herself. "The payoff better be worth my time," Neq pondered, "or I'm heading back to Area 52 for a drink at the Inn."

"Here, take this rod," implored Nauthus, handing Neq what looked like a magical staff. It crackled with a mystic energy. "When you encounter the Mo'ag who guard the teleporters at Forge Base Ghenna, use the magic of the rod to take control of them and turn them against their own creations. In this manner, destroy the Central, Western and Eastern teleporters, get out of there alive and return to me for your reward."

"And just what is this reward that you are promising me?" Neq smirked from beneath her dark stealther's cowl, knowing that the Nether-Stalker could not see her face.

Nauthus suddenly held his arms above his head, brought the palms of his hands together and drew his praying hands down in front of his face. The flowing bandages on his lithe body began to glow and an azure blue bubble encased the Stalker. His eyes turned white and an electrical hum filled the space between him and Neq. He did not respond to her question. Neq knew that there would be no other communication from this representative of the Consortium until she returned. She would either accept the mission or leave Netherstorm.

Sighing at the Stalker's contempt, Neq summoned her flying griffin mount and took to the skies, eventually passing out of the safe confines of the eco-dome. She headed out into the boiling skies of Netherstorm and toward Forge Base Gehenna and her encounter with the Mo'ag teleporter guardians.

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