Friday, December 01, 2006

Starcatt - The Zul'Farrak Encounter

The Night Elf huntress Starcatt carefully entered the troll outpost of Zul'Farrak, fully loaded with all possible quests to complete, accompanied by a full party of stalwart companions. Two hours later, awash in troll blood and entrails, the hunter and her faithful lion companion Humar emerged back into the desert with all quests completed and the electrified scale of the feared dragon Ghaz'rilla in her possesion.

There was much cheering back at the Gadgetzan Inn as the party members (the hunter and her new friends the Night Elf priest, warrior and rogue and the strangely quiet human warlock) celebrated their quest victories with cherry grog and roast mutton. Later, Starcatt stepped out on the veradana of the Inn and quietly stared into the Tanaris sunset. She wondered what terrors lay ahead in the dread Sunken Temple, deep in the Swamp of Sorrows.

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