Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Todd Rundgren - Something/Anything

For the last week or so I have been listening to Todd Rundgren's magnum opus Something/Anything, while driving to New Brunswick and committee meetings, while playing World of Warcraft, while putting the finishing touches on grades for the Spring semester and while just sitting around. Oddly enough, I am experiencing this album largely for the first time, even though it was first released way back in 1972. There's so much excellent material here that this 2 disc set begs multiple listenings just to sort it all out. After you do that, your jaw is likely to hang open in disbelief. So, you've most likely heard the hits I Saw the Light and Hello It's Me, but I bet you will not experience another more superbly crafted song as Couldn't I Just Tell You. And as for Black Maria and songs like One More Day (No Word), It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference and Saving Grace...well, they make me wonder why it took me 34 years to discover this richly diverse, wonderful pop music masterpiece.

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