Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Recent Musings...

Here are some current observations and explanations:

Star Wars Episode 3: I loved it, as indicated by the lengthy reaction below. I am so glad that it is doing well at the theatres. I plan to go see it again soon.

Memorial Day Weekend Box Office: I have no idea why I am so fascinated with this, but this was an interesting weekend at the box office. Even though the entire industry take was 5.5 % below that of last year, there were some astounding numbers posted. I expected SW3 to be the #1 film again, but I was not prepared to see The Longest Yard take in $60 million and Madagascar make $61 million. That has to be the best Adam Sandler premiere yet...pretty astounding. It's interesting that the media isn't focusing on this.

The Longest Yard: I saw it this weekend. The theatre was a little unruly. There was one couple in the seats behind me that would not shut up. When the ENTIRE theatre started shushing them, I felt better. :) The movie was good! I had my fears. Rob Schneider returned with a well-placed "You can do it!" I love that running joke!

Devildog Turns 60!: My World of Warcraft character, Devildog the Night Elf Warrior, hit level 60 last week. Much wooping and cheering occurred. Then we went back to questing and grinding and farming. :)

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