Sunday, August 15, 2004

Alien vs. Predator

Contrary to what most all of the critics have said in their reviews, I really liked AVP. Like Alien: Resurrection, Fox had to take some creative license with the two icons, but I think that the result was an exciting and enjoyable movie. And the end is a mind-blower! Wow. If there is an AVP sequel, I'm there. There were lots of enjoyable in-jokes in AVP too. For example, Lance Henriksen's Charles Weyland character has an additional "Bishop" tacked onto his name and he does that cool knife thing with a pen on his hand just like Bishop did in Aliens. AVP did very well at the box office during this opening weekend, despite nearly unanimous scathingly negative reviews, so that says something about what the American public wants to see. I saw AVP for free with the pass that was packed with the new Predator SE DVD. Nothing like a free ride to a great movie.

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