Sunday, June 27, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

I saw the new movie Napoleon Dynamite in Red Bank and it was (forgive me Jimmie Walker) DY-NO-MITE!! I loved the film. Very quirky, unsettling and strange...but in a good way. If you liked Ghost World, Donnie Darko and Bad Santa, then you'll love this flick. You really can’t take your eyes off Napoleon, he’s that entertaining. The movie is not just one joke either…it’s a mood piece that has several resolutions and tells a credible, if somewhat skewed, story. (Little known fact: Napoleon Dynamite is one of Elvis Costello’s pseudonyms. This movie has nothing to do with him. They got the name from an actual person named that, who probably got it from EC. Costello is one of my favorite musicians.) Last but not least, get set for perhaps the most creatively entertaining opening credits that you have ever seen. Just so cool. Check out the Napoleon Dynamite website.

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