Saturday, May 01, 2004

Surivor: All-Stars

We're getting close to the end...of Survivor: All-Stars, that is. Thursday's episode was very interesting, with Shii-Ann getting voted off. Let me get this straight, Boston Rob botched the immunity challenge AGAIN and convinced everyone to vote off someone else AGAIN?? Sheesh. Next week's episode (May 6th) is the final regular episode before the season finale on Sunday, May 9th. Who do you think will win? When it comes down to the jury, I bet it will be whoever is with Rob in the final two. We already know that Rob and Amber stayed together after Survivor: All-Stars finished taping, so, if it's Rob and Amber in the final two and Amber wins, Rob still wins. We'll see... Read all about it on the official Survivor: All-Stars web site.

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