Monday, December 23, 2002

The Two Towers

I saw The Two Towers on Sunday, December 22nd at the Monmouth Mall Lowes Theatres in Eatontown, NJ. I really liked it, but I think that I liked Fellowship more. I do think that Gollum stole the show. The CGI and voice acting on the character were incredible. Gollum turned out exactly as I pictured him to be when I read the books. The movie did not drag, despite the nearly 3 hour length. The story progressed nicely, taking up exactly where Fellowship left off. I used my free pass from the Fellowship 4 DVD set. The theatre was mobbed...apparently everyone else in the US went during this 5 day period since release, as I understand that it did over $100 million in that amount of time. Very nice to see that. The audience applauded at the end. I may see it again since the sound sucked at my theatre (no Dolby Digital or DTS or equivalent -- ugh). Kudos to Lowes for extending the bargain matinee price to the 6:15 PM showing! Finally, who is the "she" that Gollum refers to at the end of the film? For the answer, go back and read the end of The Two Towers novel, since the movie and the book do not end on the same note! This guarantees that the beginning of next year's The Return of the King will be spectacular! For more information on the film trilogy, go to the official Lord of the Rings website.

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