Friday, June 15, 2001

The Return of the Electric Light Orchestra

I remember my first Electric Light Orchestra album. It was "On the Third Day." I purchased it when it came out in 1973 because I couldn't figure out why all of the band members were exposing their navels on the cover (today I still have no idea why). I also had no idea what the music sounded like, but I was about to find out. After my first listen, I was hooked by the musical genius of Jeff Lynne, the founder of ELO. I followed the band from album to album, until ELO disbanded in the mid 1980's.

Now, Jeff Lynne has resurrected ELO and a new CD, "Zoom," was released on June 12th. I reviewed it on, here. If you are/were an ELO fan, you should like it, because the album works as both an ELO release and a Jeff Lynne solo album. It's fun.

ELO is about to tour during the fall, but to catch a preview, watch VH-1's Storytellers ELO special. It's one hour of Jeff Lynne and the new ELO (including old ELO buddy Richard Tandy, but, alas, no other original members) performing old and new stuff for a captive audience. Lynne also recalls some ELO history in front of the audience. Check it out.

Read more about ELO here

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