Wednesday, January 03, 2001

Moby: Play

Wow! How did I miss this CD from last year? This is an incredible album, filled with great electronic music, hip-hop beats, and samples of blues vocals and other types of music. I remember hearing wisps of some of these songs on commercials on TV during 2000, and reading lots of critical acclaim for the album. After sampling MP3s of the singles Porcelain, Natural Blues, and South Side, I was hooked. I had to experience the rest of this album. Today I went to a local record store and bought it.

So, after the first listen, I was shocked to realize that I had completely not connected with the fact that Moby is the same artist who was responsible for the songs Bodyrock, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, and Honey. Wow, wow, wow. I'm in awe.

The etherial beats of this CD will hypnotize you. It's perfect driving music. The soaring guitars in South Side are great, as are Gwen Stephani's uncredited harmony vocals. I can identify with Moby's liner notes on veganism.

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